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Basic Training Tweaks

Tips to fine tune your diving.

WARNING: These pages are intended for those who have already finished their Open Water Scuba Diver course, or are under the supervision of a Scuba Instructor.

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Getting your weighting correct is the biggest thing you can do to make learning neutral bouyancy easier.

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Proper trim in the water helps protect both you and the environment you dive in. It also the foundation for building other skills.

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If you struggle with bouyancy, everything you do while underwater becomes harder to do. Getting your bouyancy fine tuned makes everything you do while diving easier, helping you to have more FUN!

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  Mask Clearing

Something we all have to do on every dive, yet it gives so many new divers such trouble.

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  Finning techniques

Want to swim close to the bottom without stirring up a smoke screen of silt for your buddies, or turn around easily, or maybe you need to back up a few inches to get that camera angle just right... then you need to learn some new finning techniques.

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  Gas Management
By: Bob Bailey

How much gas will you need to do that big dive you've been planning? And if something goes wrong do you know how much to keep in reserve to get you and a buddy safely to the surface? If you are not sure, then this is definitely for you!


Self-Donning With A Rear Entry Drysuit


While front entry suits are really nice to have so that you don't 'need' help getting in and out they are usually much more expensive as well. So if you are having trouble getting in and out of your drysuit without help here is some help.


I highly recommend any of the DVD's produced by 5thd-x especially their "Intro to Tech" or "Essentials" DVD's Their displays of key skills and finning techniques are second to none (much of what I have learned is from their videos and instructors)