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Wetsuit Pockets


Since I love pockets and a BP/Wing does not have any in it - I decided to sew some on - the first set of pictures is a pocket I sewed on my .5 mil wetsuit (very thin suit) I stitched the bellows, and bottom of the pocket to some scrap neoprene (which my local dive shop gets as packing material with their wetsuit orders) and then glued the neoprene to the wetsuit using wetsuit cement. I did the same with the Flap and then stitched the corners of all glued areas to the wetsuit to prevent stress on the pocket from pulling/tearing the glued portions off. - just some general guidlines, but you can probably figure out more from the pictures than my description. The drain holes were burned using a soldering iron - and I stitched a piece of light cave line onto the pocket flap for connecting double enders and bolt snaps to. Next time I will use a piece of bungee instead of the D-ring however.

As my "tailoring" skills leave much to be desired I asked one of the ladies at church if she would be willing to sew my last set of pockets onto my new 3mil suit from www.triple-l.biz While a bit smaller than the one above (I have been using scraps from an old duffel bag - nice material and cheap) because there was not quite enough material to work with (my mistake) they turned out beautifully - I have not yet used them, or put the drain holes and bungee loop in yet, but here are the pictures anyway.


Having found these pockets to be too small, I redesigned them and used the following pattern and directions. (Click on the image for a larger image)

I ordered the parts for it from http://www.rochfordsupply.com
The material was a 1000 denier pac cloth



I have since made another set of pockets based on this pattern and hand stitched
them onto my 5mil wetsuit. I am very happy with the design