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  PART II - PPO2 Monitoring

WARNING! This website is NOT meant to be a pattern for building a rebreather, nor instruction in how to use one. IF you would like to dive a rebreather please obtain the proper training first (find an instructor, mentor etc..) Rebreathers have several ways they can kill you beyond what you were trained for in your Open Circuit Scuba training. If you are just curious I highly recommend "Mastering Rebreathers" by Jeff Bozanic as a good book to understand the basics.


Progress: Parts for PO2 monitor ordered from Mark Munro at ppo2.com. I chose to use the Gen Six - 2 model as part of a 2 sensor monitoring system. Now I just need to wait for it to arrive. By the way, dealing with Mark via email has been a grand experience, he is very helpful and responds in a timely fashion. I don't normally like doing business via email (I prefer an online shopping cart type system) but he has made this a very simple and friendly process.

Why not 3 sensors?: I debated about a 2 or 3 sensor system and decided to go with a 2 sensor layout for this project. For a couple of reasons. First I wanted the ability to keep my PO2 monitor on my right wrist (where my depth gauge is ... remember this is a DPV friendly rig), and every 3 display configuration I looked at making was just too big. Then I realized that if I have 2 sensors and they don't agree, but I know the PPO2 at my current depth I could simply flush with dil and verify which sensor was correct (I later read an excellent article on this very idea, which if I can find again I'll post a link here). In time I may decide to go with 3 sensors, so I am leaving adequate room in the head module for 4 sensors (never know). If/When I decide to go with 3 sensors I can either buy a PO2 monitor like the Shearwater (beautiful isn't it?) or simply add a second display that monitors a single sensor.


05-06-08 - Sensor from ppo2.com arrived yesterday, working out details today for power and housing requirements.

06-07-08 - Soldered board together and tested - all works fine.