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  PART V - Counter Lungs

WARNING! This website is NOT meant to be a pattern for building a rebreather, nor instruction in how to use one. IF you would like to dive a rebreather please obtain the proper training first (find an instructor, mentor etc..) Rebreathers have several ways they can kill you beyond what you were trained for in your Open Circuit Scuba training. If you are just curious I highly recommend "Mastering Rebreathers" by Jeff Bozanic as a good book to understand the basics.


Progress: Test material for the bladder has arrived (many thanks to Tobin at DSS for his help), I am waiting for plastic samples to test various attachment possibilities. I am most likely going to pick up 2 -10 liter MSR water bags, which are commonly used in rebreather projects. A good way to resize them and their ease of adapting to a home built rebreather can be found here. The best part of these is that they have ports built into them which are easily adapted to tees from the breathing hose assembly.

Exhaust Valve: From an earlier projects I have a variable drysuit exhaust valve I will be using for exhaust purposes and may also add an OPV from a BCD to the other counterlung for drainage purposes.

O2 Addition Valve: From the same project mentioned above I also have drysuit manual addition valve that I am planning on using for O2 addition. The CMF valve will feed directly into the cannister head and the O2 addition valve will be on a seperate line.

ADV: The ADV (Automatic Diluent Valve) is something I am still torn on. I am considering using an old 2nd stage regulator, detuning it and then using it for this project, or I may build a simple pressure activated shraeder valve assembly. Still thinking this over.


05-01-08 - Polycarbonate and UHMW plastic test pieces arrived. During tests I was easily able to weld the polycarbonate to the urethane test material. The UHMW, as suspected, would not fuse, even under increased temperature and pressures. This means that I may be able to fashion custom shaped counterlungs and add my own ports made of polycarbonate.