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Narc' Boy I:

This project has been "scrapped" as Deeplife recently released the "Apocalypse" rebreather at a price and safety point well beyond what I would be able to accomplish with the Narc' Boy project- I will leave the project here simply as a point of interest, and perhaps one day return to it for the simple pleasure of building it.

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  PART I - Introduction & Goals

WARNING! This website is NOT meant to be a pattern for building a rebreather, nor instruction in how to use one. IF you would like to dive a rebreather please obtain the proper training first (find an instructor, mentor etc..) Rebreathers have several ways they can kill you beyond what you were trained for in your Open Circuit Scuba training. If you are just curious I highly recommend "Mastering Rebreathers" by Jeff Bozanic as a good book to understand the basics.


These pages will be my chronicle for those who wish to follow this project. At this point I expect to take approximately 3 months to get a working prototype functional. This will the record of my journey, struggles and sucesses.

Discussion of this project, including ideas, comments, criticism, etc. can be conducted on the Dive Matrix (Membership is free - come join us).


The following list may change and grow, but here are the goals I have set for the project.

1) Simple construction for ease of maintenance and upgradability

2) mCCR, KISS style rebreather.

3) Variable Scrubber canister allowing for up to 8# of media.

4) Bail Out Valve integration instead of a traditional DSV (though I may use a simple DSV for initial testing purposes)

5) Designed around DPV use (1 handed operation important)

6) Integrated into a Hog style rig where possible. (7ft longhose, bp/wing, continuous webbing style harness, etc..)