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ScubaPro Boots

Following are the corresponding Jet fin sizes (and turtles) and boot sizes people have found to work for them. Please keep in mind that this is VERY subjective data.

If you have tried one of the missing combinations, or another one that is not listed please post it on the Scubaboard or Contact me via email.

ScubaPro Brand Boots

Brand Size Shoe Size Fin Size Comments
Deck Soles XXS/5      
Deck Soles XS/6      
Deck Soles S/7      
Deck Soles M/8      
Deck Soles ML/9      
Deck Soles L/10      
Deck Soles XL/11      
Deck Soles 2XL/12      
Deck Soles 3XL/13-14      
Delta XXXXS/3      
Delta XXXS/4      
Delta XXS/5      
Delta XS/6      
Delta S/7      
Delta M/8      
Delta ML/9      
Delta L/10      
Delta XL/11      
Delta 2XL/12      
Delta 3XL/13-14      
Molded Sole XXS/5      
Molded Sole XS/6      
Molded Sole S/7      
Molded Sole M/8      
Molded Sole ML/9      
Molded Sole L/10 10.5 XXL  
Molded Sole XL/11      
Molded Sole 2XL/12      
Molded Sole 3XL/13-14