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Versatile Fill Whip
large Aloha Shore Divers photo   Air, Oxygen, Helium or all of the above...

Once all parts arrived the first step was to prepare everything for Oxygen service, so into the ultrasonic cleaner all the parts went for a 30 minute bath in a simple green solution. Followed by several rinses and then a second ultrasonic bath in hot water. The only exceptions were the gauges. While these gauges are not advertised as oxygen compatible I made sure they were as clean as possible without introducing water into the system and will plan on keeping fill rates very slow (I try to keep the fill rate around 40psi/minute)

The orifice is attached to one of the CGA540 nipples, and is not a permanent part of the fill whip. I also made a second quick connect CGA540 connection without the orifice.

either of the gauges can be removed and attached to the DIN attachment to make a tank pressure checker. All ends are made using straight pipe quick disconnect fittings.

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