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YouDoIt Oxygen Analyzer

large Aloha Shore Divers photoThe Tools

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large Aloha Shore Divers photoThe Parts
They included everything but the tools and battery -
even solder and wire!

  PART I - Preparation

While the Kit from RC Dive no longer appears to be available I have left this review intact as it originally appeared in the hopes that it may help someone in assembling a similar project from parts - Have Fun!


Just before leaving the island (Maui) for a week in Honolulu I ordered my YDI (you do it) oxygen analyzer kit from RC Dive Technology. Upon my return it was eagerly waiting for me to assemble it - Shipping and ordering was quick and easy - Total cost after Shipping was $93.


RC Dive Technology has a copy of the assembly instructions on their website in a .pdf file as well as a complete parts list available.


I looked over the instructions and since I was suppossed to be at work in 30 minutes I knew the smart thing to do would be to wait until I got home ... rather than doing that I made sure I had all the necessary tools and took it along assuming I could assemble it between customers ... (which turned out to be correct)