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Favorite Links
Forums, Equipment, Dive Shops, Weather, Learning Material.


The Dive Matrix - Great NEW forum where Dive Talk reigns... Be sure to join!

The Dive Matrix

Scubaboard - Great Place to spend your Surface Interval.

FifthD-X - Helpful and very friendly westcoast forum for DIR divers


Equipment Suppliers:

Deep Sea Supply - Manufacturer of well designed Backplates, wings and other great gear (My favorite)

Scubatoys.com - For all things scuba, great reputation and will price match.


Oahu Dive Shops Ops and Clubs

Scuba and Dreams - Great training, tech, wreck and more.


Maui Dive Shops and Ops

Pacific Dive - My favorite shop to deal with in the Lahaina area.

B&B Scuba - My favorite boat operator to Molokini + Great shop in the Kihei area.

B&B Scuba

Maui Dreams Dive Company - Another great shop to do business with in Kihei and good weather reports on their website for divers.

Extended Horizons - For trips to the Lanai Cathedrals and the Carthaginian



Maui Weather Forecast - overview of Maui weather

Stormsurf Wave Model for Hawaii - my favorite place to check upcoming wave conditions


Relevant Hawaii State Laws

Dive Flag rules - See third section §13-245-9 Diver's flag.

DLNR website


Information for the Learning Diver

South Florida Spearfishing Club - GREAT Scuba calculators for calculating SAC, MOD, etc..

Rockbottom and Gas Management - The Title says it all - Should be required reading for divers

The Divers Ear - Excellent video from the University of WA on Ear equalization and barotrauma.

Current U.S. Navy Dive manual, over 900 pages of information on diving air, mixed gases, CCR, recompression chamber operations and more.

Description File Size
Complete Navy Dive Manual rev. 6 DiveMan_rev6.pdf 20.3 MB
Navy Dive Manual Front Matter DiveMan_rev6_Frontmatter.pdf 3.28 MB
Navy Dive Manual Volume 1 DiveMan_rev6_vol1.pdf 7.99 MB
Navy Dive Manual Volume 2 DiveMan_rev6_vol2.pdf 10 MB
Navy Dive Manual Volume 3 DiveMan_rev6_vol3.pdf 7.17 MB
Navy Dive Manual Volume 4 DiveMan_rev6_vol4.pdf 6.39 MB
Navy Dive Manual Volume 5 DiveMan_rev6_vol5.pdf 6.29 MB
Navy Dive Manual Index DiveMan_rev6_index.pdf 1.91 MB