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Class Information

Schedules depend on the student and are performance based. Plan on at least 8 weeks meeting twice each week (Saturday morning and one afternoon each week) I believe this gives the student time to gain the experience necessary not only to be safe in the water, but to have fun while there!

To train a team of divers dedicated to the exploration of Hawaii's shorelines.

Depending upon content of the course and how many boat dives it can range from $300-$500.

Class Size:
No more than 2 students at a time, except in cases where a family of up to 3 would like to become certified together. For larger families we will split the group in half for all water experience on Scuba but do classroom work together.

Because it is important to be able to choose the right gas mix for the dive, all Open Water, Advanced Open Water and Rescue courses also include EANx certification if the student does not yet have such a qualification.

Open Water Scuba Diver course includes:

24 hours of classroom time discussing:
     Diver Physiology
     Dive Physics
     Basic Rescue Techniques
     Nitrox Use
     Bouyancy and Trim issues
     Basic Gas/Air Management and Rock Bottom concepts
     The Team Diving Concept
     Dive Tables, Computers & Their Use
     Injury Management
     The Panic Cycle
     Land drills working on things before hitting the water (finning styles etc..)
     "Scuba Math"
     Plus Much more! (sound like a commercial?)

4+ hours of skin diving*
     Snorkelling and Freediving Basics
     Snorkel clearing
     Mask clearing
     Proper weighting
     Weight belt removal in water
     Basic rescue techniques
     We will not progress to Scuba until you are comfortable with skin diving

6+ hours of confined (pool like) diving on Scuba*
     Proper weighting
     Neutral Bouyancy and Trim
     Finning styles
     Mask removal underwater
     Scuba Unit removal underwater
     Valve manipulation underwater
     Team Communication skills
     Dealing with Out Of Gas/Air (OOG) emergencies.
     Various other skills to increase your comfort and safety in the water on Scuba.

6+ Open Water Dives on Scuba*
     We will build upon the skills learned in the confined sessions and add:
     Proper Ascents
     Navagational Exercises
     2 Dives on Nitrox
     Entries in various conditions
     Various other skills.
*Times listed are minimums and may be greater depending upon students comfort level and previous experience in the water - Often there will be 10-15 hours of confined water experience.

All students are trained in a standard DIR/Hogarthian rig including longhose.

Students are encouraged to wait till after their course is finished before purchasing gear so they will have the opportunity to try several different configurations during the class.

It is recommended that the student obtain their own mask for the class. Be sure it is low volume and fits well. Consider an Rx mask if you wear glasses or contacts. Your own wetsuit and thick soled dive boots are also recommended as they will fit you well.

The following gear is provided for students:
Backplate and Wing
Bottom Timer
Jet Fins
Masks, boots and wetsuits "may" be available - otherwise student is responsible for providing them.

Video Review
Feedback via video is the best way of correcting bad habits in the water and obtaining a objective view of skill profficiency. Much of our time in the water will be filmed and reviewed after the dive to give the student that objectivity.

Contact information is listed here...

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